Pose Tool 3D

by AnatomyDraw.com


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Pose Tool 3D for the Artists, create any human figure pose quickly for your art.

Try the free live demo on AnatomyDraw.com. Pose Tool 3D is a Breakthrough 3D figure posing app designed for artists. Pose Tool 3D was declared the Top 10 must have art App by ImagineFX magazine and is now used in over 172 countries by artists. Now you can always have your very own reference model with you and create any pose quickly with an easy to use pose interface. Its simple, just select the body part and then pose the figure. You can pose both the male and female figure where they each come with 6 different body types. The coolest feature most important to artists is the figures use no constraints allowing geometry to intersect. This allows artists to pose from realistic to extreme poses. Use it for Drawing, Manga, Illustration, Character Design, Animation, Storyboarding, Comic Books. Pose Tool 3D app comes with tons of features not found anywhere including hundreds of items you can attach to body parts. It was designed by the Philanthropist Artist Riven Phoenix, author of The Complete Drawing Course HD and ‘Blender 3D Character Modeling and Rigging’ courses used in over 172 Countries. Riven courses are sold world wide on multiple platforms including AnatomyDraw.com, Steam and Udemy.The Pose Tool 3D uses a state-of-the-art 3D Engine that allows you to pose organic figure models."Top 10 Must-Have Art App, Once you get a feel for it, Pose Tool 3D is a great little reference tool for digital artists. Pose Tool 3D is a great way for artists on the move to experiment with character poses." - ImagineFx magazine #92Touch Controls:- One Finger - Orbit around figure- One Finger Tap - Select body part- Two Finger Pinch - Zoom in and Out and Pan at the same time. This feature gives you the ability to setup dramatic shots for your poses quickly. Very powerful feature.- Pose Hips for complex angles. You can reset hips at any time with pose reset icon.Menu Features:- Inventory System with hundreds of items- Easy Pose Buttons- Help Menu- Save Current Pose- Load Saved Pose- Center Figure- Perspective Grids- Camera FOV for Perspective - 6 Males Figures- 6 Female Figures- Reset Figure to T-Pose- Take Screenshot- Random Pose Maker- Hide Menu Icon- 3 Point lighting System- Muscle Maps Mode- Mannequin Mode- Black Mode- Pencil Sketch Mode- Pencil Sketch + Mannequin Mode- Pencil Sketch + Skeleton Mode- Comic Sketch Mode- Comic Sketch + Skeleton Mode- Skeleton Mode- Skeleton Sketch Mode- Life Drawing Mode Mono - Life Drawing Mode Color - Cube Mode- Gesture System Mode- Average Male/Female body type - Heavy Male/Female body type - Old Male/Female body type - Skinny Male/Female body type - Muscular Male/Female body type- Mannequin Male/Female body type- Lock Camera Mode- Camera Lucida ModeMale and Female Organic Moving Parts:- Head- Neck- Shoulders- Upper Arm- Lower Arm- Hand- Finger- Chest- Abs- Hip- Upper Leg- Lower Leg- Feet- Feet BallAnatomyDraw.com- Updated Help file- Minor bug fixes

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Using hell lot of battery. Developer Needs to do performance optimization. Used 50% of battery in 1hr usage. Otherwise good.

balabhaskar A

Was an ok app,just not one i was looking for

Macabre K

I have been using this app for many years as sculpting reference and have been delighted with every update. Only critique is that the lightsources are fixed in relation to the figure. Moving the lights in order to explore form is a bit of an irritation.

Tiaan Burger

It's pretty good as a basic single figure poser. But it's just that. No multi figure. And considering it hasn't been updated in over a year. I doubt that will change

Paul Draco

Needs more stuff. There's no way to adjust light source. You can't rotate character without losing direct lighting. There's no way to adjust or pose character. It seems like the app had these but removed them for some reason. Without these, the app barely functions as intended. However, the limited features can still help provide basic anatomy for character drawing.

Shaun Pueschel

It's good but I wish I could change the hight of the figures. I needed to pose a couple dancing the women being shorter but had to just lower the female figure and completely ignore the bottom half.

Dave Preller

The app doesn't work, I've been unable to pose the figure, it can be rotated and seen from all directions in anatomical position, the app doesn't allow any movement of body parts.

Mira Sorrel

Download now This app is one of the best pose apps u can find out there.

Big J

Would like to see different age groups added so we can study a scene of figures of different age groups and heights. Think that will be an important thing to get in. Being able to have models of different age groups that are shorter etc. Would also love if we can get some buildings or houses in, ships, cars to study the figures size in relation to those objects. In fact that would be the ultimate because no one has done that.

Cladio Juliano

Added yes/no dialog in reset button. Good idea. Just realized the optional grid is 8 heads tall. Well played Alien, well played. Still great. Needs a Windows app. Using a mouse on a larger screen would be ideal.

Michael Sammler